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Buy CBD in Madrid center – Introducing the most instagrammable store in Madrid

This was one of the first Greenery stores opened in Madrid, and since June 2020 it has been operating continuously in the heart of Malasaña. We invite you to visit this small store full of design and with a product layout oriented to the customer first and foremost.

Do you know the Plaza de Juan Pujol? It is one of the most iconic squares in Madrid, one of the nerve centers of Malasaña, just up from the Plaza del 2 Mayo and surrounded by bars of all Madrid life as Casa Camacho or new and innovative businesses such as the one in the Greenery CBD store (formerly Flower Farm) in Malasaña.

As a curious fact: the Juan Pujol square is the one with the highest temperatures during hot days, so it is not surprising that it is full most of the year when there is some sun. Its views and numerous terraces and bars encourage you to relax after a stroll through the area or shop in its many vintage clothing stores, typical greengrocers and butchers, or CBD stores such as Greenery.

What makes this CBD store special?

Style and product

Unique store design so that “even your grandmother will want to come in for CBD”.

Since the store was founded, what we have tried to do is to provide a unique look and customer service. The design tries to move away from the typical image of growshop full of bongs or cool Rastafarian t-shirts. The idea is that the shopping experience is visually simple, pleasant and above all that the product is accessible.

That’s why when you walk in you can see the CBD flowers and smell them too. This way you know what you are buying, you can appreciate the aromas of the plant and know firsthand what you are buying.

Check out our entire catalog of CBD buds and ask for them in store.

Buy CBD in the Malasaña store What products are there?

CBD buds in Greenery's stores in Madrid

In the store we have CBD buds ranging from 1,5€/gr, to premium flowers covered with resin and then CBD crystals, the Moonrock. In addition you can enjoy our CBD flowers at incredible prices thanks to the 50gr formats that represent a very important saving when buying buds. Check in our catalog all our CBD flowers of 50gr and another format, the popcorn, smaller than normal buds but with the same potency and lower price, do not miss them.

CBD Oils in Greenery stores in Madrid

Our range of oils with concentrations ranging from 5% to 50%. Our oils are Broad Spectrum, which means that inside them there is a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that act together, enhancing the effect of the oil.

CBD vapers at Greenery's stores in Madrid

And to complement all this a whole range of Vapers and cartridges that reach concentrations of up to 50% CBD, and concentrates or CBD crystals with a purity of 99.8% CBD, this is for pros 😉

CBD hashish in the Greenery stores in Madrid

CBD hashish of European origin but of Indian and Moroccan inspiration, elaborated with traditional methods. Our range of hashish is highly appreciated for its texture and aroma, many of our customers choose this option as their favorite because we have focused on the fact that they are really creamy varieties, full of resin and with a combination of aromas that will delight even the most demanding palates.

CBD cosmetics in Greenery's stores in Madrid

Finally there is the cosmetics with CBD, our cosmetics are carefully elaborated with CBD emulsion and have the objective to nourish your skin, get rid of blemishes and keep it cared, free of skin infections such as acne, Psoriasis, or Eczema.

Take a look at the store

Come - buy - relax

We leave here all the images of the store so you can get an idea of what you can find, but what we especially recommend you is: Come, take some information about CBD, read one of our brochures while you enjoy your freshly purchased vape in the store or just take a close look at our CBD flowers.

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