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Amnesia Haze CBD flowers (Indoor)



  • Hasta 16% CBD🌿.
  • THC <0,2%.
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • Predominantly sativa origin.
  • Indoor
  • Fruity aroma with notes of chewing gum.
  • Consistent and crystallized buds.
  • High amount of resin.
  • GMO and pesticide free.

Unique aroma of Amnesia Haze Indoor CBD flowers

Greenery’s Amnesia Haze Indoor CBD buds are grown indoors, which means that have been developed in a controlled environment, allowing detailed attention to each plant. The perfect light and climate contribute to a more cannabinoid-rich bloom, ensuring a unique and potent experience. This is generally the main difference from her sister Glasshouse Amnesia Haze, as far as characteristics are concerned, they are the same:

They are a tempting variety thanks to their fruity hints and soft bubblegum notes. This exclusive aroma is one of its hallmarks that makes it one of the favorites of cannabis lovers.

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Why you’ll like these CBD Amnesia Haze Indoor flowers

Es una flor de la vieja escuela, ya que fue descubierta en los años 90 y se convirtió en una de las variedades de cannabis más queridas. Muchos usuarios la comparan con el aroma y la sensación de las mejores Hazes.

Amnesia Haze Indoor CBD flowers have less than 0.2% Thc and come from EU certified seed hemp strains, grown without pesticides or herbicides, completely organically and in compliance with all GACP quality standards.

Genetics of cannabis flowers Amnesia Haze Indoor

Flores de CBD Amnesia Glasshouse - Cogollo de CBD para comprar online

It is a lifelong classic whose origin is unknown, although its aroma suggests that it combines Afghan and Thai strains. Its buds are very consistent and crystallized, giving it a delicious appearance.

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  • Up to 16% CBD🌿.
  • THC <0,2%.
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • Predominantly sativa origin.
  • Indoor
  • Fruity aroma with notes of chewing gum.
  • Consistent and crystallized buds.
  • High amount of resin.
  • GMO and pesticide free.

How to use CBD flowers

In the current legal context in Spain, CBD flowers are mainly intended for decorative, aromatic and collecting uses. However, it is fascinating to note how in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the sale of CBD marijuana for smoking or vaporizing is completely legal. This change in regulations has led to a growing number of users opting for this form of cannabidiol consumption, seeking the associated benefits without experiencing the psychotropic effects of THC present in traditional recreational marijuana.

Those who enjoy the legality of smoking CBD emphasize the speed with which the sensations are experienced. However, it is essential to keep in mind that accurate measurement of the amounts of cannabidiol absorbed can be challenging, and the duration of its effects tends to be less prolonged compared to other forms of consumption. It is crucial to underline that, according to regulations in certain countries (although not applicable in Spain), smoking CBD does not have psychotropic effects, which means that it does not produce the feeling of being “high” associated with the THC present in traditional marijuana.

Growing our CBD Amnesia Haze Indoor flowers

Indoor: This variety comes from indoor cultivation, a choice that guarantees the quality of the flowers because in closed environments, an exceptional uniformity in color, size, CBD concentration and especially quality is achieved.

This method enables total control over crucial factors such as temperature, humidity, light and nutrients, allowing conditions to be adjusted to maximise flower quality and homogeneity. It should not be forgotten that variability in CBD and other cannabinoid levels is closely linked to the growing environment, so careful control of these factors leads to better results.

With a climatic and nutritional control, both in the root support given and in the hours of light, we will ensure that the product will be homogeneous and we will always obtain a guarantee of quality with indoor CBD flowers.

Preservation of the CBD Amnesia Haze Indoor flowers

Ideally, Greenery CBD buds should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and strong odors to avoid any contamination and/or degradation of the buds. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Caution: Shelf life indicated is one month if stored properly.

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2 gr, 5 gr, 10 gr, 20 gr, 50 gr

25 reviews for Amnesia Haze CBD flowers (Indoor)

  1. Spanish

    David Costa (verified owner)

    Uno de mis favoritos. Ya he realizado varias compras en este sitio y lo recomiendo 100%. Además de consentir siempre a los clientes con un regalo 😊

  2. Spanish

    marcoslafuente15 (verified owner)

    Muy buna! La recomiendo ✌️

  3. Spanish

    MSN (verified owner)

    Me cansa un poco el sabor, no es mi favorita.

  4. Spanish

    Desiree Taboada (verified owner)

    Calidad/precio, envío, aroma y sabor perfecto!

  5. Spanish

    Jael Castilla Santana (verified owner)

    Interesante pero demasiado relajante, recomendado como antiinflamatorio y analgésico pero sobre todo de uso nocturno para facilitar el descanso. Abre bien el apetito.

  6. Spanish

    Alejandro Ulises Arce Monteserin (verified owner)

    Impresionante en olor, efectos y sabor. El producto llegó perfectamente embalado y sin apenas ramas. Muy recomendable.

  7. Spanish

    Juan Ángel Bernal Obregón (verified owner)

    Cansado del efecto cerebral del thc buscaba un CBD de calidad y sin duda un producto 100% recomendable.

  8. Spanish

    jorge (verified owner)

    al ser nueva cosecha muy bien como siempre

  9. Spanish

    Laura Viciano Brun (verified owner)

    Coincido con la mayoría de valoraciones que hay por aquí, y si, lo que más destacaría es el sabor que deja en boca!

  10. Spanish

    borjalarrazfernandez (verified owner)

    Flores compactas y muy bien sabor, aparte de muy relajante. Muy buena calidad

  11. Spanish

    David Rogado Albert (verified owner)

    No me canso de su dulce olor y su sabor afrutado, de lo mejor del catálogo de la casa.

  12. Spanish

    David Rogado Albert (verified owner)

    Bien resinosa y fresca. Con un rico sabor balsámico y de gran efecto relajante. Son mis flores de cabecera

  13. Spanish

    David Rogado Albert (verified owner)

    Bien resinosa y fresca, me encanta su sabor algo balsámico. Mis flores de cabecera

  14. Spanish

    ioritzbikuna (verified owner)

    Una sensación relajante y con mucha tranquilidad. Muy recomendable para descansar el cuerpo y la mente.

  15. Spanish

    adrianperolhurtado (verified owner)

    una de las variedades relajantes y dulces mas me han gustado, es suave y agradable manteniendo buenos efectos para dormir

  16. Spanish

    asier.martinez.manjon (verified owner)

    Sabor exquisito, tiene toques afectados que se expanden con su sabor fresco, según baja por la garganta sientes esa sensación de que lo que fumas a sido tratado especialmente para el disfrute de los paladares más exóticos.

  17. Spanish

    Sheila Calvo Merino (verified owner)

    ¡Efecto relajante y saciante inmediato! Buen aroma y mejor sabor. A mi parecer, es de las mejores variedades. Perfecto para calmar los dolores menstruales y también para los síntomas relacionados con la ansiedad.

  18. Spanish

    noeliasantos82 (verified owner)

    Tal y como se indica en la descripción el aroma, la potencia y el efecto espectacular. Y en cuanto a calidad, con respecto a otras marcas, de las mejores sin lugar a duda.

  19. Spanish

    David Rogado Albert (verified owner)

    Para mí de las mejores que tienen. Siempre fresca, con mucha resina y un aroma profundo y con un punto dulce. Maravillosa

  20. Spanish

    batistuta26 (verified owner)

    Sin fallo como siempre, para repetir una y mil veces

  21. Spanish

    geoffroy.beslin (verified owner)

    muy potente y muy buena cualidad

  22. Spanish

    Hermes Suarez Polidura (verified owner)

    Un sabor increíblemente bueno… te relaja al instante… buena compra

  23. Spanish

    hervensara (verified owner)

    Buen producto

  24. Spanish

    elkenny100 (verified owner)

    Buen producto cbd, buena calidad y buen sabor, como siempre.También rapidez en la entrega, pronto volveré a pedir.

  25. Spanish

    Victor (verified owner)

    Me encanta el dulzor de su olor. Efecto muy relajante. En mi top 3

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