CBD hashish Bubblegum

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  • Hasta el 9% de CBD🌿.
  • THC: <0,2%.
  • Aroma intenso y afrutado con notas a chicle.
  • Textura suave y compacta.
  • Incluido en el Chocopack Hash.

CBD Bubblegum hashish characteristics

With a smooth yet compact texture and a very dark earthy colour, this hash has a very intense and earthy aroma with fruity and sweet notes reminiscent of chewing gum.

  • Up to 9% CBD🌿.
  • THC: <0.2%.
  • Intense and fruity aroma with notes of chewing gum.
  • Soft and compact texture.
  • Included in the Chocopack Hash.

Why you will like this Bubblegum CBD Hashish

This is a unique alternative to experience the benefits of CBD. Perfect for those looking to enjoy intense aromas combined with fruity sweetness.

Legality of CBD Hashish in Spain

In the current legal context in Spain, CBD hashish is mainly intended for decorative, aromatic and collector uses. However, it is fascinating to note that in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the sale of CBD hashish for smoking or vaporising is completely legal. This change in regulations has led to a growing number of users opting for this form of cannabidiol consumption, seeking the associated benefits without experiencing the psychotropic effects of THC present in traditional recreational marijuana.

Those who enjoy the legality of smoking CBD highlight the speed with which the sensations are experienced. However, it is essential to note that accurate measurement of the amounts of cannabidiol absorbed can be challenging, and the duration of effects tends to be less prolonged compared to other forms of consumption. It is crucial to underline that, according to regulations in certain countries (although not applicable in Spain), smoking CBD does not have psychotropic effects, which means that it does not produce the “high” sensation associated with the THC present in traditional marijuana.

Production of Greenery CBD Hashish

Greenery’s CBD hashes are sourced first from premium light cannabis strains grown organically without artificial pesticides.

In addition, our Hashes are made using traditional pressing and processing techniques. No binders or other components are used. It is 100% pollen or resin pressed or rubbed. This produces CBD roe and CBD hashish slabs with a very high concentration of pollen and resin and very creamy textures.

Preservation of CBD hashish

Ideally, hashish plates and roe should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and strong odours to avoid any contamination and/or degradation of the hashish and roe. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Caution: The indicated shelf life is about 2 weeks if stored correctly.

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