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Jack Herer CBD flowers

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  • Up to 10% CBD 🌿.
  • THC: <0.2%.
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • Origin balanced between indica and sativa.
  • Glasshouse cultivation.
  • Sweet and spicy aroma.
  • Earthy notes.
  • GMO and pesticide free.

Unique flavor and aromas of CBD Jack Herer flowers.

Its dense pale green buds give off a sweet and spicy aroma with earthy notes.

Why you will like these CBD Jack Herer flowers

The Jack Herer is the daughter of the Skunk variety, one of the oldest strains known at the cannabis level and which has been most worked for many reasons (we let you discover them) and it is also the most awarded variety in history, winning up to 14 times the Cannabis Cup. One of the classics that never disappoints.

Genetics of the Jack Herer cannabis flowers

Originally created in Holland in the 1990s as a tribute to Jack Herer, arguably hemp’s most important advocate and activist. The genes of this variety are a secret in the cannabis community but it is believed to be a cross of Haze with hints of Northern Lights and Skunk. In addition, its genetics are originally marked by a perfect balance between sativa and indica. The result is dense, resinous, pale green buds that give off a sweet and spicy aroma with earthy notes .

  • Up to 10% CBD 🌿.
  • THC: <0.2%.
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • Origin balanced between indica and sativa.
  • Glasshouse cultivation.
  • Sweet and spicy aroma.
  • Earthy notes.
  • GMO and pesticide free.

How to use CBD Jack Herer flowers

In the current legal context in Spain, CBD flowers are mainly intended for decorative, aromatic and collecting uses. However, it is fascinating to note how in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the sale of CBD marijuana for smoking or vaporizing is completely legal. This change in regulations has led to a growing number of users opting for this form of cannabidiol consumption, seeking the associated benefits without experiencing the psychotropic effects of THC present in traditional recreational marijuana.

Those who enjoy the legality of smoking CBD emphasize the speed with which the sensations are experienced. However, it is essential to keep in mind that accurate measurement of the amounts of cannabidiol absorbed can be challenging, and the duration of its effects tends to be less prolonged compared to other forms of consumption. It is crucial to underline that, according to regulations in certain countries (although not applicable in Spain), smoking CBD does not have psychotropic effects, which means that it does not produce the feeling of being “high” associated with the THC present in traditional marijuana.

Growing our CBD Jack Herer flowers

Glasshouse: This exceptional variety is grown in semi-enclosed glass structures, such as greenhouses, which allow natural light to enter but also allows for great environmental control, resulting in better quality and homogeneity.

The conditions in glasshouse are closer to those in the natural environment, which may influence the expression of cannabinoids and terpenes in a unique way. These also tend to be very popular because they have that essence of the INDOOR together with the ambience and natural lights of the OUTDOOR.

In summary, this method of cultivation, involving controlled conditions but closer to nature, offers sustainable benefits and a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Preservation of CBD Jack Herer flowers

Ideally, Greenery CBD buds should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and strong odors to avoid any contamination and/or degradation of the buds. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Caution: Shelf life indicated is one month if stored properly.

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28 reviews for Jack Herer CBD flowers

  1. Spanish

    geoffroy.beslin (verified owner)

    de mis favoritas! excelente precio/calidad

  2. Spanish

    david.pascu (verified owner)


  3. Spanish

    mireiapujadesmurillo (verified owner)

    De mis favoritas!

  4. Spanish

    Ana Belén Busto Fernández (verified owner)

    Me la recomendaron ante la desaparición del Italian Kush y me ha gustado, aunque tiene un olor y sabor bastante fuerte.

  5. Spanish

    sesu1982 (verified owner)

    Buenos productos

  6. Spanish

    sesu1982 (verified owner)

    Nunca había probado cbd asi de buena la verdad ni en asociaciónes ni online. Ya no voy tan nervioso. Descanso mejor y no evuelto a probar el thc ya no lo necesito gracias

  7. Spanish

    xanelgran (verified owner)

    De momento es la mejor que he probado, un sabor muy bueno.

  8. Spanish

    kalvinarts (verified owner)

    Mi favorita con diferencia. Aunque todas las otras que he comprado aquí siempre han salido geniales.

  9. Spanish

    cbdtester (verified owner)

    jack herer siempre es garantía desde los inicios

  10. Spanish

    maialen.razkin (verified owner)

    Yo soy clienta desde hace tipo ya. Es lo que mas me ayuda a dormir. Os conocí en Canarias por casualidad y me alegro enormemente de que vayais abriendo tiendas por toda la peninsula. Ahora os compro en las tiendas del norte o por internet.En tienda siempre me han tratado muy bien. Sin duda productos de buena calidad.

  11. Spanish

    garciaaraujo2006 (verified owner)


  12. Spanish

    carlos.uce (verified owner)

    Muy suave de sabor y perfecta para relajarse.

  13. Spanish

    victoriborra89 (verified owner)

    Sin duda la que más me ha gustado hasta el momento. Seguiré comprandola. Sabor terroso con toques afrutados. Me encanta. Muy buen producto.

  14. Spanish

    Santiago Ferrer Rapp (verified owner)

    Magnífica para los días de mucho stress. Combinado con el aceite es genial.

  15. Spanish

    Anna Laura Martín de Jesús (verified owner)

    Me encanta el packaging de las flores. De momento solo he probado estas y me encanta la calidad. Espero probar muchas más de flower farm.

  16. Spanish

    Roman Pantin Basterrechea (verified owner)

    Un gran producto y una excelente entrega. Como siempre.

  17. Spanish

    jorge vega perandones (verified owner)


  18. Spanish

    davidlopezamil (verified owner)

    Nunca defrauda una de mis preferidas

  19. Spanish

    arantxa2212 (verified owner)

    Increíble la calidad y el sabor, y regalillo se agradece!!

  20. Spanish

    davidlopezamil (verified owner)

    Tienen muy buen sabor, dan un puntito de actividad pero va genial para hacer cosas con toda la tranquilidad del mundo jejeje

  21. Spanish

    davidlopezamil (verified owner)

    Envió rápido y flores de gran calidad. Sabor perfecto y relax total, he comprado en otras tiendas y como esta ninguna.

  22. Spanish

    geoffroy.beslin (verified owner)

    muy buena relacion precio/cualidad

  23. Spanish

    diegohernandezcastillejo (verified owner)

    Me gusta mas la black diamond, pero no quedaba

  24. Spanish

    chemarig2g (verified owner)

    Una de mis variedades favoritas

  25. Spanish

    Ion Olano (verified owner)

    Aroma, sabor, efecto. Mi favorita en calidad-precio.

  26. Spanish

    jordirigalos (verified owner)

    Un 10 relación calidad precio. Aroma intenso y efecto activo con un punto relajante

  27. Spanish

    Victor (verified owner)

    Olor muy intenso y efecto muy activo. Una de mis favoritas

  28. Spanish

    victorpalmero (verified owner)

    Mi favorita sin duda, sabor y relax.

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