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Crumble. Concentrate 99% CBD.


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CBD: 99%🌿

  • Resinous texture;
  • High CBD concentration.
  • Lemon flavour.

Crumble CBD: Characteristics

This yellow-orange resin is a concentrated CBD extract with a solid but easily crumbly consistency.
CBD crumble is especially recommended if you are looking for a CBD product with a high concentration (99%) that is easy and practical to consume, for a quick and immediate effect.

Composition of CBD crumble.

  • Biomass from industrial hemp
  • Resin with 99% CBD concentrate;
  • 1gr per unit
  • Niveles de THC < 0,2%

Frequently asked questions about CBD crumble:

Crumble de CBD - Una piedra de resina con concentrado de CBD al 99% - Disponible para comprar online en Greenery

CBD Crumbles are a concentrated form of cannabidiol (CBD) that comes in a wax-like texture or crumbs, hence the name.

Although they are more of a resin than a crystal, they are a more malleable version of the CBD crystal and will add extra flavour.

CBD Crumbles can be consumed in a variety of ways, such as vaporising them in a dedicated device, adding them to food or drinks, or even applying them under the tongue for quick absorption.

They also enhance the effect when added with your favourite cbd flowers. Its malleability makes it easy to extract small flakes from the stone and add to it.

The dosage of the crumbles may vary according to the concentration of the product and individual needs. It is important to start with a low dose and gradually adjust according to the body’s response.

As it is a product with a fairly high concentration, we recommend that you start by breaking up the resin stone little by little and observing the amount that works best for you.

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3 reviews for Crumble. Concentrate 99% CBD.

  1. Spanish

    jorge (verified owner)

    relajacion al instante!!!

  2. Spanish

    garciaaraujo2006 (verified owner)

    muy rico , buenisimo sabor.

  3. Spanish

    Pablo Ramírez de verger vargas (verified owner)

    Lo he comprado por primera vez y repetiré seguro. Muy cómodo de consumir. Yo personalmente, lo mezcla con mis flores preferidas para una relajación muy rápida y duradera.
    Fuera insomnio y ansiedad!!

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