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CBD 24K Gold hashish

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CBD hashish with an unrivalled aroma, airy texture and an impressive CBD content of 40%. Ideal for premium CBD hashish lovers

  • <0,2% THC 🌿
  • 40% CBD
  • Sweet and soothing aromas
  • Airy and foamy texture

What is 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD?

The premium CBD hash 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD made from selected high quality hemp flowers offering an exceptionally high CBD content. With 40% CBD, this hash provides a potent and relaxing experience.

Characteristics of the 24K GOLD Hash of premium CBD

CBD content

Premium CBD 24K GOLD Hash features 40% CBD, making it one of the most potent hashish on the market in terms of this cannabinoid. This high concentration of CBD provides a calming and relaxing effect, ideal for relieving stress and anxiety.

Aroma and Flavour

This hash opens with fruity and floral notes that evolve into sweet and comforting aromas. The aromatic profile is one of its strongest points, providing a pleasant and complex olfactory experience that stands out with every use.


The 24K GOLD Hash is distinguished by its colour range from light brown to golden yellow. Its visual appearance is not only attractive, but also reflects the quality and purity of the product.


The airy and foamy texture of 24K GOLD Hash provides a perfect balance between dry and oily. This feature facilitates the shredding and handling of the hashish, enhancing the user experience.

Benefits of 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD

Therapeutic effects

24K Gold Hash, with its high CBD content, provides numerous therapeutic benefits. Its high CBD concentration allows you to fully experience all the benefits associated with this compound.
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Premium Quality

The 24K GOLD Hash is made from high quality, guaranteeing a pure and contaminant-free product. The premium quality of this hashish is reflected in its aroma, texture and effects.

Versatility of Use

Thanks to its texture and composition, the 24K GOLD Hash easy to shred and can be used in a variety of ways, whether in vaporisers, pipes or mixed with other products.

How to Use 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD


Vaporisation is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy the 24K GOLD Hash. Simply place a small amount in your vaporiser and adjust the temperature to your preference.

Pipes and Bongs

You can use the 24K GOLD Hash in pipes or bongs, crumbling it slightly before placing a portion in the bowl. This is a traditional and effective way of consuming hashish.


Another option is to mix 24K GOLD Hash with hemp flowers or tobacco for a combined experience that brings out the hashish qualities.

Is 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD Legal in Spain?

In Spain, CBD products such as 24K GOLD Hash are legal if they comply with the regulations that establish a THC content of less than 0.2%. This means that the product must contain minimal levels of THC to be considered safe and legal for use and marketing. Monitoring of these products focuses on ensuring that they do not have psychoactive effects, while maintaining compliance with drug and cannabis product control regulations.
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Legality of 24K GOLD Hash 40% CBD in Europe

In most European countries, the legality of CBD, including the 24K GOLD Hash, depends on its THC content. The general regulation in the European Union allows CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC. However, specific regulations may vary slightly between member states, so it is crucial to check local laws. In general, 24K GOLD Hash with a THC content of less than 0.2% usually complies with European regulations, allowing it to be distributed and used on the continent.

If you are travelling with CBD in your suitcase, this is of interest to you.

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2 reviews for CBD 24K Gold hashish

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    dmoran264 (verified owner)

    Muy, muy bueno, tanto en aroma como en formato, recomiendo 100%.

  2. English

    gopar.1898 (verified owner)

    Muy buen sabor y efecto relajante.
    Un 10

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