Lip Balm


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Designed for lip care and composed of 99.85% natural ingredients.

Enriched with CBD and made with cocoa and shea butter to moisturize, regenerate and protect your lips.


Lip Balm CBD: Cocoa with CBD for your lips

Cannabidiol, Hemp oil, Cera Alba, Shea butter, Cocoa butter and vanilla flavor.

Start to feelfull lip hydration andrepair. No more cut lips after the cold or those crazy nights.

Why you’ll like this CBD Lip Balm

Simply apply a light layer to the lip and you will begin to feel its effects almost immediately.

In addition, it does not leave an unpleasant taste or a strong smell of cocoa or vaseline.

How to use the CBD Lip Balm:

Apply to the lips and lip contour as often as desired. A thin layer on the lips is sufficient. Simply rub the surface a little with your finger and with the little bit of lip balm that sticks to it, it’s enough for you.

Legality of CBD cosmetics in Spain

In the current legal context in Spain, CBD is mainly intended for cosmetic uses so these products are completely legal and are recognized as having beneficial properties for the skin. However, it is fascinating to note how in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the sale of CBD hashish for smoking or vaporizing is completely legal. This change in regulations has led to a growing number of users opting for this form of cannabidiol consumption, seeking the associated benefits without experiencing the psychotropic effects of THC present in traditional recreational marijuana.


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