Legal status of CBD

Is it legal to travel with CBD in my suitcase?

In this article we are going to try to shed light on such a complex issue as traveling with CBD when buying CBD products. In the end it is a product that depends on the legislation of each country, that is why we have divided the article into 3 parts:

If you travel within Spain with CBD...

Currently in Spain CBD is legal, according to EU regulations nº 639 of 11/03/2014 and nº1308 of 17/12/2013. But even if CBD is not considered as a drug, and is legal, it must respect a series of norms at the time of transport. From Greenery we explain you the legal requirements to be able to travel with cbd without problems.

What happens if I take CBD with me when traveling on the plane?

Perhaps, getting into an airport with CBD flowers is the most difficult issue. After all, CBD-rich products have the same smell and appearance as those containing high amounts of THC. This may mean that drug dogs, which are not trained to differentiate between them, will smell your products and identify them as psychotropic products.

CBD at the airport

Possession of CBD-rich products may result in the product being confiscated but nothing more, as the law does not prohibit the possession and transportation of legal cannabis inflorescences.

Passengers are advised to carry:

  • The receipt proving the legality of the purchase: the physical or electronic ticket.
  • The product analysis: you can request it by e-mail to with reference to the lot number that appears on the product.
  • That the product is kept sealed.

Can I travel through Europe, or cross the border, with CBD products?

More and more countries in the European Union are moving towards the legalization of medical cannabis. Thanks to the Schengen area, citizens can move freely through 26 countries, which has made it necessary to create a law and a certificate to protect patients with cannabis treatments who travel in this area.

In order to carry CBD-rich products in your suitcase, you will need to fill out an application form. However, you should forget about last minute travel arrangements, as it takes about 4 weeks for the application to be processed.

The certificate must be signed by a physician who certifies that the traveler must carry this treatment with him/her. Please note that certificates have a maximum duration of 30 days.

In the vast majority of European countries it is safe to travel with CBD, as long as the products contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the amount considered to be the natural amount present in industrial hemp. This percentage may vary in some countries.

You can ask us for the analysis carried out by independent laboratories, of each product that proves that our products contain the minimum amount of THC allowed by law.

However, if you are going to travel with cbd to EU countries that are not included in the Schengen area, you will most likely need a medical certificate and a medication passport.

This certificate allows travelers to carry with them the respective treatments, always signed by the issuing country. This may be issued by any member state of the European Union, and grants, that the user is subject to the laws and regulations of his country and not those of the member country he is visiting.

Is it possible to travel with CBD outside Europe?

In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration determined that it is legal to travel with products containing less than 0.3% THC. Even so, it is true that not all states conform to federal laws, but are governed by state laws.

In countries such as Canada, the legalization of cannabis is more extensive, allowing both medical and recreational use. Therefore, there is no THC percentage limit on legal CBD products.

But while you might think Canada is the perfect destination for your next vacation, it also has its restrictions. Canada exports medical cannabis to the European Union, but if a European patient tries to enter the country with this type of product, he or she is denied permission, to prevent export and import on a personal level.

Conclusions on the legality of traveling with CBD

In conclusion, we can say, that the most sensible thing to do in order to bring CBD-rich products to other countries is to inform yourself about that country’s stance towards recreational drugs, cannabis and hemp in particular. Always make sure that everything is in order.

And if you are still in doubt, you can contact the food or drug regulatory agency of the government of the country where you want to travel.

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So, what CBD products can I travel with?

Since the main restrictions that countries place are usually for THC content, there are products with high CBD content that contain 0% THC and with which you should have no problem traveling.

From Greenery we make you a selection of products containing CBD but no THC so that you can travel with peace of mind, without the need to hide anything.

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