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The Definitive Guide to CBD Flower Storage

Flores de CBD la mejor manera de conservar tus flores de CBD en casa

CBD buds or CBD flowers are a natural and delicate product that requires specific care to preserve their freshness, potency and quality. The conservation of CBD flowers is essential to maintain their beneficial properties and enjoy an optimal experience with every use. In this article, we will explore the best practices for storing CBD flowers, ensuring that they remain in perfect condition for as long as possible.

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Introduction to CBD Flower Conservation

La conservación de flores de CBD es crucial para mantener sus cualidades terapéuticas y sensoriales. CBD flowers, being natural products, are subject to degradation if not stored properly. Factors such as light, air, humidity and temperature can negatively affect freshness, potency and flavour.

Importance of Proper Conservation

  • Potency Preservation: CBD flowers contain cannabinoids and terpenes that can degrade over time, reducing their effectiveness.
  • Flavour and Aroma Maintenance: Proper preservation ensures that the flowers maintain their characteristic aromatic profile.
  • Mould and Bacteria Prevention: Improper storage can lead to mould and bacteria growth, making them unsuitable for consumption.

Factors Affecting Conservation

Impact of Light on Conservation

Protection against light

Light, especially ultraviolet light, can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes in CBD flowers. Store the flowers in a dark place, like a cupboard or an opaque box.

Dark Packaging

Use amber or green glass containers that block light to protect the flowers from degradation.

Optimal Humidity for CBD Flowers

Ideal Humidity Level

The optimum humidity level for storing CBD flowers is between 55-62%. This keeps the flowers fresh and prevents both over-drying and mould growth.

Humidity Control

  • Humidity Control Packs: Use humidity control sachets such as Boveda or Integra Boost to maintain the right humidity level.
  • Hygrometers: Monitor humidity with hygrometers to make sure it stays in the ideal range.

Ideal Storage Temperature

Avoid Excessive Heat

Heat can accelerate the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep the flowers at a cool temperature, ideally between 15-21°C (59-70°F).

Avoid Extreme Cold

Although cold can slow down degradation, extremely low temperatures can affect the structure of the flowers. Avoid freezing unless strictly necessary.

In this article you can see a detailed study on the temperature at which to store CBD flowers.

Minimising Air Exposure

Use of airtight packaging

Storing CBD flowers in airtight packaging minimises exposure to oxygen, reducing oxidation of cannabinoids. There are two types of ways of doing this:

  • Vacuum Sealing: Removes air from the packaging, providing increased protection against oxidation.
  • Tight-fitting lids: Make sure containers have tight-fitting lids to keep air out.

At Greenery 420 we seal them with an airtight seal which makes the bag itself a perfect place to keep your product.

Types of packaging

  • Glass Jars: They are one of the best options for storing CBD flowers due to their ability to protect against light and air.
  • Metal containers: Ideal to protect against light and provide an airtight environment.
  • Aluminium Bags: Useful for short term storage, protect well against light and moisture.

Recommended materials

  • Amber or Green Glass: Reduces the amount of light penetrating the container.
  • Hermetically Sealed Metal: Provides an excellent barrier against light and air.
Conservacion flores de CBD. ¿Cómo guardar las flores de CBD y que no se estropeen?


Proper preservation of CBD flowers is essential to maintain their freshness, potency and aromatic profile. By following recommended practices such as using airtight containers, humidity control and light protection, you can significantly extend the shelf life of your flowers. Be sure to regularly monitor storage conditions and adjust as necessary to enjoy an optimal experience with every use.

Frequently asked questions about CBD flower storage

¿Cuál es el mejor envase para guardar flores de CBD?

Los frascos de vidrio ámbar con cierre hermético son ideales para proteger contra la luz y el aire.

¿Puedo congelar mis flores de CBD?

Sí, pero hazlo con cuidado para evitar la acumulación de humedad y la ruptura de tricomas.

¿Cuánto tiempo se pueden conservar las flores de CBD?

Con un almacenamiento adecuado, las flores pueden mantener su calidad durante 6-12 meses.

¿Es necesario usar paquetes de control de humedad?

Sí, ayudan a mantener la humedad en el rango ideal para evitar tanto el secado excesivo como el moho.

¿Por qué mis flores de CBD huelen rancias?

Probablemente hayan estado expuestas a la luz, aire o humedad, lo que ha degradado su calidad.

¿Dónde debo almacenar mis flores de CBD?

En un lugar fresco, oscuro y seco, como un armario o caja opaca.

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