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Greenery your CBD store in Chueca

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Why Greenery is the best CBD store in Chueca

The first Greenery boutique in Spain could not be in a neighborhood other than Chueca. A store that will make you connect with your zen and vindictive side with our CBD-rich products.

Everyone knows the Chueca neighborhood. All visitors who come to Madrid never fail to come to Chueca. Why is that? Chueca is the most cosmopolitan neighborhood in Madrid. On numerous occasions it has been compared to NY’s Soho.

Chueca is full of bars, restaurants and stores. Greenery could not miss the opportunity to also be represented in this neighborhood. You can find our store at Pelayo Street, 20. Getting here is very easy. For example, you have several metro stations nearby: Chueca (only 3 min walk), Alonso Martinez (7 min walk), Tribunal (8 min walk) and Banco De España (10 min walk).

We will be happy to assist you, explain what CBD is, if you don’t know it yet, the different variety of products you can find in the store and the enormous usefulness of CBD.

Our CBD stores in Chueca, Madrid

Calle Pelayo, 20

915 31 90 42

Open Monday to Saturday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

*except Fridays and Saturdays when we are open all day from 11:30 to 15:30 and from 16:00 to 21:00.

CBD what it is

In our blog you will find a useful guide about CBD in which you can solve your doubts before buying CBD online or in store. Learn about the current regulations regarding CBD, what forms of uses there are, what CBD strains are present in our buds and what are the best ways to use CBD according to your situation. This and much more about CBD in our blog.

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