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Greenery your CBD store in Malasaña

Why Greenery is the best CBD store in Malasaña

Just a few meters from the Plaza del 2 de Mayo, you can find one of the 10 Greenery stores in Europe. A very special place to find that extra relaxation to face the day to day.

Malasaña is one of Madrid’s historic neighborhoods. To say Malasaña is to go back to the 80’s and the Movida Madrileña.

Getting to the Malasaña neighborhood is very easy. To the south is Gran Vía, to the west is San Bernardo Street, to the north is Carranza and to the east is Fuencarral, where it joins the neighborhood of Chueca.

Do you know how to get to Malasaña by subway? The nearest subway stations are Tribunal (only 4 min walk), Bilbao (6 min walk), Noviciado (7 min walk) and Callao (12 min walk).

Its nerve center is the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, where very close, in Santo Espiritu 20 street you can visit our shop Greenery. Greenery storeand buy our products rich in CBD.

Come to our store in Malasaña and we will explain you how to use our products, which ones fit better to your needs and we will solve any doubts you may have about CBD.

The staff at our Greenery store is here to help you. Many people are not aware of all the benefits and advantages of using CBD-rich products. In fact, there are people who still do not know what CBD is and its properties. Here we inform you in detail so that you do not have problems when deciding which product to buy, which format to use and the most recommended dosage.

There is a wide variety of CBD-rich products, presented in different formats and with different concentrations. You can choose between CBD oil, CBD flowers, creams or vaporizers. Knowing which product to buy, in which format and in which concentration requires advice on how to adapt CBD to your needs. Therefore, the best way to know in depth all the details of our products is to come to our store and ask everything you want to know about CBD.

Our CBD stores in Malasaña, Madrid

Calle Espíritu Santo, 20

914 440 025

Open daily from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm and from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

CBD what it is

In our blog you will find a useful guide about CBD in which you can solve your doubts before buying CBD online or in store. Learn about the current regulations regarding CBD, what forms of uses there are, what CBD strains are present in our buds and what are the best ways to use CBD according to your situation. This and much more about CBD in our blog.

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