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Greenery your CBD store in Moncloa

Why Greenery is the best CBD store in Moncloa

Between exams and exams or cane and cane it is always good to give yourself a little luxury and rest your mind. Our new CBD store arrives to Moncloa.

In the heart of the student district, if you have gone wrong those exams chill and relax, if you have done well, maybe…

We welcome you to our new Moncloa store. In which you can find all kinds of solutions with CBD from oils to creams and cosmetics with CBD. Yes creams and cosmetics.

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We could not miss our flowers and vapers. For those who love to relax or vape, we have discreet options with concentrations ranging up to 60%. Check out our online blog to discover all that CBD can do for you and ask our specialized staff in store.

Our CBD stores in Moncloa, Madrid

C. de Fernández de los Ríos, 64, 28015, 28015 Madrid


695 79 49 70

Monday to Friday
12h-15h and 17h-21h


*There may be exceptions. View Google

CBD what it is

In our blog you will find a useful guide about CBD in which you can solve your doubts before buying CBD online or in store. Learn about the current regulations regarding CBD, what forms of uses there are, what CBD strains are present in our buds and what are the best ways to use CBD according to your situation. This and much more about CBD in our blog.

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